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5 Reasons Not to Miss YXU Community Day

Posted on 14 May 2018

This Saturday we will be hosting a Community Workout promoting mental health awareness with our friends from the Kyle Ambrogi Foundation. The event will be hosted at Ohio Strength in the Italian Village Neighborhood of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The event will include a free workout that will be scalable and challenging for athletes of all backgrounds and ability levels and will also include a small raffle that will serve as a fundraiser for the Kyle Ambrogi Foundation. We’re thrilled to be hosting this event, and we want to see you there! So in case you’ll be in the area this Saturday and were on the fence about attend, here are five reasons you should join us this Saturday at 10am at Ohio Strength!

  1. Mental health impacts all of us. From the star on stage to the kid in the back of the class we all have our vulnerabilities and it’s our job as a community to come together to find ways that we can support one another when we need it most.
  2. Ohio Strength – Home of CrossFit Italian Village, is a great place to get your fitness on. Like really good. So good that Expertise named them one of the best gyms in Columbus in 2018.
  3. The Kyle Ambrogi Foundation does amazing work. Since 2009 the foundation has promoted education and awareness of depression in teens and young adults and promoted suicide prevention, while keeping Kyle’s memory alive through academic scholarships and athletic initiatives.
  4. YXU Community Events never disappoint. I mean, were you there for our Happy Hour at Seventh Son in February?
  5. YXU starts our SEA Change accelerator journey this Tuesday evening, and we’ve got big plans for the summer. We cannot keep this kind of enthusiasm bottled up forever, so please come out so that we can share our love for friends, fitness, and all things community with you!

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