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An Unusual Role Model

Posted on 14 November 2016

Everyone has to deal with adversity at some point in his or her lifetime. Some people face more adversity than others and everyone handles the adversity they face differently. One of the things I find most admirable is the ability for one to persevere through tough, adverse situations, and come out stronger, and more motivated then they were before. The individual I feel is the true embodiment of the word perseverance is Marshall Mathers. Marshall Mathers is more commonly known by his stage name as a rapper, Eminem.

Eminem is no angel. He has said plenty of unacceptable things and may seem to be a rather strange role model. What I do find most admirable about him wass his ability to start with nothing and grow to be a Grammy award-winning artist. There is such a long list of events that he had to overcome. To start, he grew up with no father, in a trailer park where he failed to complete high school. He then spent the majority of his life battling drug addiction. With the cards stacked against him he found a way to keep fighting and work toward a better life and work at his craft.

My life is far different than his, and in almost every way I was dealt a better hand in my life. This sounds crazy, but when having a rough day I can think to myself, “Em had a rougher go, and he was able to get through it, so just keep pushing.” I appreciate his ability to keep fighting and his ability to work hard and work through the ups and downs that come with life. He is a fighter and one who has persevered through so much. While I hope I don’t have to fight the same battles that he did, I do hope I can overcome my individual challenges in my daily life.

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