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College Football's Secret Star

Posted on 02 January 2017

The Tide is still Rollin, the Tigers are All Win, and Lamar Jackson is still basking in his Heisman glory. And yet none of these headlines are the story of the year from this year’s college football season.

Caylin Moore won’t be playing in the College Football Playoff next week. He will not be spending the spring preparing for the NFL draft either. Instead he will be preparing to go study as a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford, England. A long way from the campus of Texas Christian University, but he has already come a long way from growing up outside of Compton.

The Economics major carries a 3.9 GPA and will study public policy next year as a Rhodes Scholar. This is an accomplishment has been years in the making. His college career has already been full of ups and downs, marked by becoming a Fulbright Scholar, and working as a campus custodian. He has been able to remain focused on his goals due to a mental fortitude he developed as a child. When things got tight for his single working mother she used to have to make difficult decisions when it came to feeding her family. This meant that sometimes Caylin would numb his hunger by doing pushups until his arms hurt, letting him forget how hungry he was.

The circumstances were set up for him to fail. He has had opportunities for excuses all along the way. And yet all he has done is push ahead. One day, one challenge at time.

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