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Cultivating Leadership: Kamara Willoughby

Posted on 01 May 2017

This month YXU is proud to support our Leader of the Month, Kamara Willoughby. $4 from the sale of every "Ready to Grow" tee during the month of May will go to support Cultivate, a Columbus, OH Community Development Corporation supporting the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, on Kamara's behalf.


My name is Kamara Willoughby and I was born and raised in Columbus, OH. I attended Metro High School. I went on to complete my Associates of Science Degree at Columbus State Community College. I aspired to be an Environmental Scientists because I cared about the earth and I wanted others to care about it too. I transferred to The Ohio State University with a major in Environmental Science. I am currently attending OSU and I’ve switched my major to Environmental Economic Development and Sustainability with a focus on Community Development.

I am not only a student, but I am also a servant to the Milo-Grogan Community. I am a Milo-Grogan Area Commissioner and a member of the Milo-Grogan Civic Association who works very closely with Cultivate CDC. Serving my community started at a very young age. Growing up you see things that you don’t like and you want to fix it but you don’t have the power nor the resources to do anything. That was me. I don’t like to see people suffer and I like to help people as much as I can and that is why I do what I do. I lived on the north side of town the first 18 years of my life so I met many new people on the playground. May 2010, I moved to the Milo-Grogan neighborhood, but my roots in Milo go much deeper because my parents and my grandparents grew up in this neighborhood.

Since Autumn of 2015, I’ve been an engaged resident in Milo-Grogan. Starting with community clean-ups I was introduced to Cultivate CDC who already had a foot in Milo, as well as other Milo residents and leaders. I became an Area Commissioner and then joined the Civic Association. Through the Civic and Cultivate I was able to build upon my skills in creating events and flyers. Cultivate helped us get our official Milo-Grogan Newsletter going so that we can let residents know about what happenings are going on in the community. Cultivate CDC also teamed up with us and helped us write a few grants for the Milo-Grogan community and we received every single one! They are our 501c3 fiscal sponsor and they help us with whatever we may need.

I love to help people. I don’t like to see people to suffer or go without even if it is something simple. That is what the Milo-Grogan Civic Association and Cultivate CDC do hand in hand. They help people and make a planned effort in engaging residents, listening to their concerns and helping them.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

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