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Die A Happy Man: Paul Suchy

Posted on 16 August 2017

I want to turn on the news and hear about our leaders working together to solve global problems – not war. Most would say that I’m being idealistic – but does it have to be such a far-fetched idea? 

Regarding my future goals, I’m open to just about anything that allows me room to grow as an individual, but in terms of my work, I hope to establish a platform for changing the world. The platform could be a strategic non-profit network that fosters human capital, community development or education in underserved areas. Or it could be something as simple as software or programs for communities to better participate in democratic affairs. 

Although I’m not sure how I’d like these change-platforms to look, I do know that my current work will result in something impactful—I hope! 

My team and I are currently designing the Community Access Portal (CAP), a web-based program and iPhone application that will effectively store community based services, events and information. Community data will be sent to users according to their profiles – creating a symbiotic relationship between residents with specific communities needs and the community based organizations with resources and services to offer. Users will be sent information based on demography, geography, and “prosperity aptitude” indicators (prosperity aptitude is a method of assessing specific services or opportunities that are particularly beneficial for specific individuals).

I plan to have CAP off the ground and running within the next few years and a pilot within the next 6 months. I’m waiting for the capital to build.

In the meantime, I’m finalizing my service offerings and putting a team together for my Social Sustainability Group called STAKE. It’s a consulting group that delivers sustainable development solutions for businesses, teams, and companies that want to Go-Green. We strive to align businesses with Sustainable Development Goals, which according to the U.N, need to be met soon if we want to protect people and planet. My goal is to have my site, team, and services finalized and doing business within the next 2 months.

One of my dreams is to buy space in Brooklyn and create an entrepreneurial laboratory for youth and young adults that want to become business owners. The lab would teach the basics of business, create networks to round up human resources, and foster development by offering start-up capital. This concept has significant implications for community health because it’s a chance to empower not only the individuals who benefit from my services, but for the individuals who would potentially benefit from the newly created jobs and products too.

If I could turn on the news and hear about my work catalyzing change, I could die a happy man.

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