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Dreams Need Actions

Posted on 31 July 2016

All it took was one question followed by an unbreakable silence: Why not us? Without saying anything we let the silence do the talking. We knew we had crossed the point of no return, a line was drawn and there would be no going back.

Our motivation for getting into all of this is rooted in our desire to build leaders and strengthen communities. We hope to inspire and assist as many people as possible through a combination of our actions and our assets. As we build this brand we will serve as a living example that no circumstance is too daunting and no dream too big, it is up to all of us to live beyond our limits. We have also committed to investing 10% of our profits to causes in our communities to help build a foundation for individuals to pursue their passions and leave their mark.

This brand is our collective passion in action. With little more than a tenacious belief in ourselves and our communities we have set out to leave our mark on the world by creating something bigger than ourselves. Something that we hope will go on to change the lives of countless friends and strangers alike in an arms race of good will. This is not about profit, it’s about people. This is not about the short term, it’s about many years to come. This is not about us, it’s about you.

Our beginning is humble, our obstacles are plenty, and yet our ambition remains unchecked. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes our team, but more importantly, we can’t wait to see where you all take us as a part of your own individual journeys. It started with “why not us?”, but now we’re turning the tables and asking “why not you”? It’s time to put a line down in the sand–join us, and leave your mark.

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