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Finding a Platform

Posted on 05 June 2018

The origin of YXU has been years in the making; it blossomed from the minds of four-college freshman that had the passion to build something that was beyond themselves. A brand that was focused on inspiring people to live beyond their limits and change the status quo.  Although this brand didn’t flourish, the passions behind this idea remained latent and just needed time to be refined.

This development period ran it’s course for four years but the talks of building something bigger than us were omnipresent. Through my time at Michigan State as a student-athlete, I was given an amazing platform to live out my passion of positively impacting others through my actions no matter how big or small. But as my time at MSU was coming to a close I found myself falling into the misconception that you had to have some grandiose platform to make such an impact.  

Thanks to Lebron and a deal made with a college friend to make it back for the championship parade, a three hour car ride home turned into a think tank that destroyed my misconceptions. I soon found myself on the phone with Matt talking about the possibility of acting upon all the conversations we had about leaving our mark over the years. Lucky enough we were both back in town so we spent the rest of the night brainstorming ideas and working to bring the old “And Beyond” crew back together. Although, we were coming up with great ideas we really didn’t know what would be a feasible idea. So we ended up using our time at the Cavs championship parade to brainstorm. Being around the amazing atmosphere generated in Cleveland, we realized how a small group of passionate, inspired, and determined people could positively impact the masses. We began to ask ourselves all these question: How were we any different? How could we create a community like this? Can any passionate, inspired, and determined group of people have a similar impact on others? From these question the the idea of “WHY NOT YOU?” and even more specifically “WHY NOT US?” was born.

We then set out on our mission to empower individuals to advocate for their passions through building a community of like-minded people who were leaders, activist and game changers. 

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