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Posted on 24 September 2018

About this time last year I had put something out on Facebook mentioning that I was looking for some opportunities to blog.  Matt (who at the time, we barely knew each other) reached out to me about this ‘thing’ he was doing called YXU and was looking for someone to come help create some blog content for them. 

In truth, I think we both met with one another on a whim.  We had met and hung out before but didn’t necessarily know each other too well.  And we were both secretly intimidated by the other (we would later come to reveal this to many laughs).

I put on my “I’m not totally lost and clueless” face and showed up just eager to fill in the gaps where they needed to be filled and help out where I could.  An hour and a half later outside a coffee shop that turned out to be closed, we had both revealed a little more than we’d planned and were just honest about where we were at in our lives.

Here we are a year later, and YXU, and all the people that have come with it, are an integral part of my life.

I know this little anecdote seems random and pointless but there are a couple of truths behind it that I think are the keys to remember when you are chasing down your ‘thing,’ which is whatever that is.

Honesty Will Always Be the Best Policy

I recently sat down with one of my best friends and had the tough conversation about whether he likes his work or not.  One of the things that the millennial generation is pretty terrible at (and pretty much everyone else, too) is just telling it how it is.  When people ask me how I am, I try and tell it straight.  It may not be the answer they were hoping for but I say, honestly, how things are; good, bad, crazy (usually the response) and everything in between.  The same is true about experience and work and goals and, well, pretty much everything.  When people ask me to work on a project or do some work for them I’m real with them in saying, “Well I have done work similar but I’m not an expert, but I will put in the hard work and make it work.”  I said pretty much the same thing to Matt, and here we are.  It’s really alright to tell people the truth, and though there is a certain level of discretion required, there is a way to make everything work, but when the intention is good the results usually work out to be the same.

Believe It Into Existence

Alright, I’m not trying to be existential with everyone but the longer I spend on this earth the more and more this turns out to be true.  Saying that something is going to happen is one thing, and it is definitely a great start.  Saying it lets other people know and helps hold you accountable and keeps you honest (cc: the last tip).  But truly believing that something is going to happen is an entire different world of existence.  A very close friend and mentor of mine uses the phrase Limitless by Choice and it’s true.  But here comes the caveat, this is true for great things and bad things.  So be very careful what mental frequency you’re working at.  I try my best to take everything as positively as possible and just realizing every scenario is setting me up for the future.  DISCLAIMER: I struggle to believe and hold onto this practice as much as the next person.  It’s a practice, not something to be perfected, so just keep working at it!

If you don’t have your big ‘thing’ yet, your dream job or passion or whatever, that’s really alright.  We are still figuring it out too and just trying to enjoy the ride as much as possible.  We want to ride this all out with you, the unknown feels a lot easier when you’re stumbling around with people and not just by yourself.  And in the meantime, check out this post from awhile back about finding your passions, if anything it’ll at least get your brain rolling.

Be back soon and with much love,

Ryan Shaw

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