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Posted on 03 August 2017

Every Quarter YXU features a Cause of the Quarter to help raise awareness for the challenges facing our communities and fulfill our mission to build leaders and strengthen communities. At the end of the Quarter we donate 10% of our profits to our Cause of the Quarter. Throughout the Quarter we focus on highlights three aspects of our featured Cause:

  1. What challenge facing our communities does this organization help address?
  2. How does this organization help provide a solution for this challenge?
  3. How effective is this organization in their efforts to solve the challenges facing our communities?

For the period of June–August 2017 the YXU Cause of the Quarter is Columbus, Ohio based non-profit Maryhaven. Maryhaven helps men, women, and children to restore their lives when those lives have been interrupted by addictive or mental illness. At Maryhaven the philosophy is to incorporate a holistic approach to personal health and wellness that focuses on each patient’s individual physical and mental health needs to live a healthy and productive life. Visit to learn more.


How does Maryhaven help provide a solution for this challenge facing the community?

“Maryhaven helps people restore hope in their lives, leads the kind of research and innovation that overcomes the complexities of mental illness and addiction, and serves people with a passion which comes from deep within our hearts”

The quote above is from Maryhaven President and CEO, Shawn Holt. Being able to condense everything an organization does into one sentence is not only challenging for the CEO but it’d also tough to digest for readers who may have only just heard about Maryhaven. In last month’s post, we gave a brief overview of the substance abuse and drug prevalence issues facing local communities across the country but particularly in Ohio. Today’s post is focused on breaking down that quote from Shawn Holt to better understand how Maryhaven is taking the challenge of mental illness and addiction head on.

1. “Maryhaven helps people restore hope in their lives…”

For many individuals, hope is something that allows us to be successful in multiple dimensions of our lives and gives us the strength to overcome obstacles as well as the clarity to see the path ahead. However, hope can sometimes be lost through the outcomes of our choices or the environment we find ourselves in. Often through no fault of their own, individuals lose the light that guides and drives their life forward leaving them unable to help themselves out of the darkness. It is in this moment that Maryhaven steps in. Maryhaven offers many different program options for each individual’s unique life challenges whether that be the Adult Inpatient Treatment Program (AITP), Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (ACRA), or the Medication Assisted Opioid Treatment Program (MAOTP). A key theme throughout each one of these programs is the emphasis on encouragement to celebrate patient successes supplemented with support and accountability to ensure patients continue to take strides forward.

2. “[Maryhaven] leads the kind of research and innovation that overcomes the complexities of mental illness and addiction”

Maryhaven’s Addiction Research Institute (MARI) was founded in 2001 to improve patient care and manage chronic diseases related to addiction so patients can strive for lifelong recovery. Maryhaven partners with key organizations such as the National Institute of Drug Abuse and Harvard Medical School to conduct clinical trials that not only benefit patients in Ohio, but across the country as well. Recent research has been focused on the opioid epidemic that has allowed Maryhaven to expand its services to more individuals in Central Ohio and advance the quality of those services with evidence based treatments. A program that has developed from MARI’s research and encompasses the first part of Maryhaven’s services discussed here is the Community Reinforcement and Family Training for Treatment Retention. The program teaches people in the drug dependent person’s life how to effectively support their loved one’s treatment and recovery so they may attain lifelong recovery.

3. “[Maryhaven] serves people with a passion which comes from deep within our hearts”

The passionate service that is housed at Maryhaven comes from none other than its staff. Maryhaven staff have had years of experience serving vulnerable populations and rebuilding lives through many different backgrounds. Shawn Holt, CEO of Maryhaven, has been involved in youth advocacy in Columbus and the surrounding area since 1998 while Paul Warrick Schkolnik, Chief Research Officer, has been involved in corrections and drug treatment programs for over 34 years. Each took their own path to get into their role at Maryhaven but both work to positively impact their community one life at a time.

YXU is proud to partner with Maryhaven this quarter to help rebuild the lives of the patients and families who have been touched by substance abuse and mental health issues. It is through community action that change can be promulgated and we hope that we can support their work to the best of our ability. We encourage you to do the same.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Maryhaven and other community partners are doing to combat the opioid epidemic in Ohio, register for their inaugural Restoring Lives breakfast on September 14th. See the link below for more details.

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