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Its not a t-shirt thing

Posted on 15 April 2018

It’s been a long, cold winter, but Spring is finally showing some life and our team here at YXU is ready for what we hope will be a big spring and summer season for our group. We’ve spent a lot of time in over the past few months plotting and planning, but more importantly we spent a lot of time challenging ourselves. Challenging our vision, our mission, all that soft stuff that’s hard to put on paper, let alone to execute. To be honest, over the past couple of months and a handful of heated conversations we’ve had something of an identity crisis.

And what we’ve found from our most recent moment of truth is that we still have a laundry list of hopes, dreams and aspirations for what this YXU thing can become, but we’ve all agreed on the one thing that YXU is not. Its not a t-shirt thing. We sell apparel as a means to an end, but at its core YXU is a community of people who are committed to making positive contributions to impact the people and projects that mean the most to them.

We do not sell shirts, we share passion. We are driven by an obsession and love for doing really hard things in good company. We believe that if we can create connections throughout our YXU community and empower people to pursue what makes them come alive, the world will be a better place. Because when let yourself be selfish for a little and relentlessly pursue your passions you are creating your best self. And when you build your best self, you can bring your best self to the people and projects you care about most.

So yeah, its not a t-shirt thing, it’s a community thing. A community thing we’re sort of still making up as we go, but that we are extremely proud and thankful to have you be a part of.

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