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June Update

Posted on 24 June 2018

Now that summer has officially started, let’s take a step back to recap what our team at YXU has been up to thus far, and what we have planned for the rest of the summer. And because we’re friends I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest of all things YXU you need to make sure you’re following @yxulife on IG and Twitter, and have liked YXU on Facebook!

1) SEA Change Accelerator

In May we begin our journey in the SEA Change Ohio Columbus accelerator. This is a 14 week long program where our team at YXU, along with nearly a dozen other local teams with ideas for their own social enterprise or non-profit go through a robust curriculum to define, refine, and establishment their organization. Every week we are fortunate to spend time with local leaders specializing in different pillars that are crucial to growing our organization. In addition to these weekly in class session, we’ve also been partnered with a mentor who roles up his sleeves right alongside us to help our business grow. In our case we are fortunate to have a former professional from L Brands, with extensive knowledge from some of the best brands in retail.

2) Story Telling

One of our points of emphasis moving forward is to become better, more consistent storytellers. We believe that YXU and its community is full of individuals who are doing amazing things to overcome the biggest challenges in their lives in order to advocate for their unique passions. It is our job to make sure that we are creating a brand that can clearly communicate the power that we all hold has individuals to build the world we’ve always dreamed of, and providing tangible examples of how you all are living out that power on a daily basis. In order to focus on this we’ve done a couple things:

  • Hopefully you’ve noticed that we are committed to sharing the stories of the people, places and experiences that have inspired us in our weekly blog, in hopes that along the way one or two of these will resonate and empower you.
  • We are in process this summer of recording the first season of a new podcast that will tell highlight individual how are living out their passions, and dive into the experiences and beliefs that have positioned these individuals to follow their passions.

 3) Events

We’ve more opportunities coming up throughout this summer for you to connect with YXU and become a member of our community. Make sure you’re checking back to often to stay up to date!

  • Columbus Summer Wine Festival: August 25th Columbus Commons
  • Community Day at Cleveland Foodbank: August Date TBA

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