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Posted on 16 October 2017

While this week’s post might not be about superheroes or Marvel characters, it does relate to the blogs those topics were mentioned in. Taking a step back, remember that my first post discussed the impact one person can make on this earth and the second symbolized the importance of family. So for my three quotes, I am going to tie in my first two blog themes and finish with a quote that has stuck near and dear to my heart for as long as I can remember. So sit back and enjoy!

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world”

This is a pretty common reference when it comes to relationships and loved ones. But it can also relate to life in general. Everyday people are facing challenges and tough times that might only be affecting them internally while they attempt to keep a strong exterior. So who are we to judge what a person wears, or where they live, what their job is, or what they look like? That’s just it – we’re not supposed to! You will never know the battles people face, so a simple hello or smile can go a long way. To that one person, your small gesture could just be the sign they need to take a step back and know things are going to be okay.

“When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind”

Having a strong foundation in any aspect of your life is going to be key to success. One of the most important support systems in your life is going to be your family. So always take time to appreciate and love them. Sure your siblings might annoy you and your parents might get on your case more times than you’d like, but it’s only because they want you to thrive and be the best version of yourself. It’s also through the friendships we form and communities we are a part of that we are molded into a better person. The way we carry ourselves through thought and action affects those around us. Spreading our love and compassion to others is going to deepen our roots in the lives we touch and create stability that even the toughest of times cannot break.

“Life is short and opportunities are rare and we have to be vigilant in protecting them and not only the opportunities to succeed but the opportunities to laugh and see the enchantment in the world and to live. Because life doesn't owe us anything. As a matter of fact, I think that we owe something to the world”

These wonderful words spoken by Haley James Scott (shout out to my One Tree Hill fans) have been engrained in my soul, so much to the fact that this was also my high school yearbook quote. I believe this quote is so powerful. I think we learn at a young age that life isn’t always going to go according to plan. Trials and tribulations are thrown our way, but it’s how we respond to the hard times that bring out who we are as a person. Life is too damn short so being serious all the time is overrated. We have to appreciate the little things and most importantly we have to take opportunities to laugh! We owe that to our family, friends, and most importantly ourselves. As much as people overuse the term “yolo” it really is true - you only live once, so you sure as hell better make the most of it.

I’m not sure how I was expected to only pick three quotes because I could probably write about hundreds that mean something to me or relate to an area of my life. But I think these three have always stuck out as special, so I was happy to share. I hope whatever sayings and quotes that bring you happiness are held close to your heart and you do your best each and everyday to put them into practice.

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