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Leader of the Month: Alex Ambrogi

Posted on 23 October 2017

Hello YXU!

I’m not quite sure where October went but now that the month is coming to an end this means my last blog post (insert sad face)! I have absolutely loved opening up my thoughts and experiences with you as an audience. It is my biggest hope that you are able to take something away from my sharing. For my last piece I am going to write about the importance of leadership and how inspiring involvement in communities at a young age is going to make a huge difference in our world. Merriam Webster defines a leader as, “someone that leads or is able to lead.” Super basic definition right? Well, by adding the adjective great in front of leader this translates into, “one who inspires confidence in other people and moves them into action.”

So, why not you? Why not be a great leader?

Maybe that was a little bit of a bold question because being a leader never comes easy. You have to make the hard decisions and can be looked at as a “boss” figure. Sometimes (more often than not) people might not like the way you run things and will try to take over. But despite all the obstacles that come with the role of being a leader, it’s an adventure everyone should be willing to take. Which brings me to the point of starting at a young age. When we invest time in our youth we are ensuring the legacy of our community. We are taking responsibility to instill in the future generations of what it means to be accountable and inspiring leaders. It is greatly beneficial to begin this process at a young age so the fundamental qualities of what being a leader is can be developed. We should strive to educate the youth, because knowledge is power. And if we give people the power to make a difference, we are nurturing a long-term commitment of social, civic, and economic change.

Everyone, young or old, has the potential to be a leader. To be a successful one in today’s world there are a variety of talents and skills one must possess to stand out. The following qualities are ones I personally think are essential to being a great leader.

  1. The ability to listen. Sometimes when you can sit back and be still within you own mind you can focus on others around you. It is within these moments that the answers you might be searching for are seen and heard. Being a leader doesn’t always mean you are speaking at people. It’s about observation, sitting with others and really hearing what they have to say; then, internalizing from your surroundings and putting into action what others see.
  2. Believing in what you do. If you don’t, why should others? People sometimes associate leadership with power or a title and not really caring about making a difference. True leadership is about creating a vision within your heart and mind and then putting the time and energy into manifesting that idea into practice. From this, others can believe in you too.
  3. Not leading to be recognized, but to do the right thing. Too many times in today’s society does the desire to be liked and popular cloud our judgments. We want others to appreciate our work, but sometimes feel like recognition is the only way this is possible. But realistically, any small difference we can make (noticed or not) is going to bring about change. So separating the feelings of neediness from the need to make our world a better place is critical. Things must get done, but the right way.
  4. Doing the right thing, with love. Trailing off the previous point, there is always a place for love in the life of leader. Actually, that place of love is within everybody, all around us. Adding an extra touch of love in the activities and accomplishments we achieve toward making our goals come to life can make all the difference. It is when we do things with love that we get love in return.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone; encourage others to do the same. Write, travel, cook, exercise, talk, listen, encourage. Whatever branching out of your comfort zone means, then do it! Constant repetition of the same things does not get us results of change. The only way to get new ideas is to do new things. When we take a moment and step outside our little bubble of comfort creativity, strategy and innovation come to life. We must lead by example and encourage those that surround us to do the same so that our communities constantly have a breath of fresh air and can move forward with positivity. 

Over the past month I have had the privilege of sharing my life, my family and my hopes for change in our world. This all boils down to and begins with the leaders in our communities. I have been honored to work with YXU and will continue to do so. Their work has inspired me to be a better leader and help others see their true potential. As a young or old, rookie or veteran leader, everything you do has the ability to create a better, brighter, and stronger future. So go out in the world and be the difference. Be bold, be confident, be great. Be a trailblazer and remember any small step you take can create a big change. Leave your mark and know that it will be the footprint that inspires confidence in others and moves them into action to leave a mark of their own.

Over & out!

– Alex




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