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Posted on 22 December 2017


It’s been a pleasure sharing this month with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Thrive DC’s work!

There’s nothing better than being with friends and family over the holidays. And at Thrive DC, we consider ourselves as a family. Every time we meet a new client, engage a new volunteer, or coordinate a new partner, our family grows.

I think Thrive DC’s impact is best shown through the stories of our clients. And I think our clients’ stories are best told from their perspective. So I’d like to leave you with a story of hope. A story about a member of our family, Anthony, who persevered through hardship and found success.

Anthony has lived in DC all his life, growing up in a rough neighborhood. At 19 he was sent to prison for the first time and it wasn’t until 2010 that he finally got out and committed himself to changing his life for the better.

But with a prison record Anthony had a hard time applying for work, and without a job, eventually became homeless.

“I went to all the job fairs, and filled out hundreds of applications. But I couldn’t get past that one box: ‘Have you ever been convicted of a felony?’”

In 2014, Anthony found Thrive DC. With the help of the employment specialist, he enrolled in the Real Opportunity Training Program to become a professional chef. Despite being homeless when the program started, Anthony arrived on time every day and worked hard to make the most of his opportunity.

Today, Anthony has found success as a full-time employee at a restaurant. With a consistent salary to look forward to, he is working with Thrive DC’s housing coordinator to find an apartment and become self-sufficient.

“This is just the beginning,” Anthony says. “There so much more I’m trying to do, so much more I want to do!”

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Thank you YXU!! Wishing you warmest and happiest holidays,


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