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Leader of the Month: Paul Suchy

Posted on 31 July 2017

Hello YXU Community,

My name is Pauly Suchy. I grew up in and around Cleveland, Ohio. I moved around for the bulk of my childhood and spent my youth in Solon, Ohio before graduating high school and heading off into the world.

As a child, I was impacted by the insecurity that accompanies the consequences of poverty. Albeit, through time, that impact transformed into an unwavering compassion and an unending drive to help people and the world. That impact also fostered in me my mission to Make Sustainability Step 1: ensuring the peace and prosperity for people and the world now, and in the future.

Step 1 is a call to action for the game-changers and leaders of our world to implement policies, practices, and methods which equitably govern humanity and the environment. Step 1 requests us all to take a step today, for tomorrow.

Ushering in a sustainable future requires that we begin and end every conversation or decision with the world and people at heart. Step 1 means asking, “what impact are my actions having on the world and society”.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and work in the greater community as a Community Organizer and Social Sustainability Consultant. I’ve created a Sustainability Consulting Group after rounding up a team of progressive thinkers and sustainability advocates who deliver best practices and services. We work underneath the umbrella of non-profit organizations and public service providers as well as directly with start-ups, companies and businesses with the goal to design sustainable economic, ecological and social solutions.

My work has consisted of conducting research, designing strategic community networks, hosting workshops and so on. Ultimately, the job is to organize residents and leaders around shared visions for new programs and projects, or simply to continue old ones.

Everything I have done has only illuminated the reality that exists for those that are systematically driven away from success. Children aren’t afforded the opportunities that the American Dream promised. What’s worse is that those who didn’t grow up in these communities can’t comprehend the what this is like. Families struggle to survive. Youth slowly fall through the cracks and into the school-to-prison pipeline. It’s a tough conversation.

This community, among many others in America and the world, is destined for this reality. It’s typical to see tax dollars fail to do what they’re intended to. Local officials struggle to get projects off the ground – let alone finished.

Regardless of the progress made today, the number of people that fear tomorrow is worth taking a step for. I’ve learned to show up with sympathy and patience every single day.

Working alongside YXU is a wonderful opportunity for the simple fact that they can help me bring in capital from outside the community – it’s a chance to build up without taking down. It’s a chance to invigorate the game-changers, the youth, and the residents that I work with by showing them that there are people here that are ready and willing to help.

Faith and innovation are the only tools we have in solving the insurmountable threats we face in the future. I use my faith in the universe to keep calm and my innovative mind to solve the problems of tomorrow, today. For me, Leaving My Mark is continued action in promoting peace and prosperity for people and for the planet.

For me, Leaving My Mark is taking Step 1 by cultivating stronger communities and focusing on solving the problems of tomorrow.

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