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Leave Your Mark Tour: Day 3

Posted on 04 September 2017

The founders of YXU have embarked on a 10 day road trip titled the “Leave Your Mark” tour to celebrate the one year anniversary of launching YXU. They will be traveling to Washington D.C, New York City, and Boston to volunteer in the community and network with community leaders to share YXU’s mission with a new audience.

Day 3

Per usual we were up with the sun on Sunday, but this time to get back on the road and head up I-95 to New York City. We said our good-byes and thank Aunt Carol for her hospitality and hit the road. During our four hours on the road Matt manned the wheel while Tres worked on med school apps and Tyler guarded the cookies in the back seat. We arrived in Port Imperial just in time to catch the ferry to midtown town and walked the mile up 40th St to our hotel.

That night we met up with our friend and former Leader of the Month Paul Suchy in Brooklyn. Paul introduced us to various entrepreneurs and community leaders. First we met a young lady named Kayla Rivera who is a community organizer in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn for an organization call Bridge Street Development Corporation. She shared her knowledge and understanding of issues that residents in the community face when it comes to finding affordable housing in the neighborhood.

We then finished the day networking with young entrepreneurs participating in the Founder's House Accelerator Program. This program brings young leaders from around the world to live together under one roof to network and pollinate their ideas for new businesses. It was a tremendous opportunity to introduce YXU to a new audience and get plenty of feedback and opportunities for improvement about our business.

Matt’s Take:

Networking with fellow young entrepreneurs from across the world was amazing. It reminds us just how connected we all are regardless of race or nationality, we are all working to find solutions and apply our passions in a way that benefits the broader community.

Tres’ Take:

It was amazing to see how our childhood friendships can expand far beyond the confines of Solon, Ohio. We were able to connect with like minded millennials who are all driven to positively influence their communities and beyond. I am excited to hear about all they have accomplished in the coming months.  

Tyler’s Take:

It was great to be surrounded by people our age, especially those who were motivated to take action in the community. Paul was excited to have support from Solon and the feeling was mutual. He has put himself in a great position to make a difference and getting the chance to shadow him for a day was inspiring.

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