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Leave Your Mark Tour: Day 5

Posted on 11 September 2017

The founders of YXU have embarked on a 8 day road trip titled the “Leave Your Mark” tour to celebrate the one year anniversary of launching YXU. They will be traveling to Washington D.C, New York City, and Boston to volunteer in the community and network with community leaders to share YXU’s mission with a new audience.

Day 5

Surprise, surprise, we were up early again on Tuesday morning, this time to walk over to the set of the Today Show a few blocks from our hotel. We wiped away the sandmen from our eyes and made our best YXU sign we could mister up. We then spent the better part of two hours running around Rockefeller Plaza to get YXU as much face time on national television as we could.

After the show we hustled back to our hotel to quickly shower-up and check out of our room before heading down to Wall Street to meet with Liz Accles, Executive Director of the Food Advocacy Program NYC. Liz educated us on public policy initiatives that are shaping the fight against hunger. Her work specifically is focused on programs to help extent New York City Schools free lunch program.

The day concluded with a final trip back to Brooklyn to volunteer at a food pantry at Los Sures. Serving in a predominantly Latino neighborhood our Spanish skills were quickly put to the test (some would say exposed) as we tried to explain to low income mothers what their rationed choices were for groceries. It was an eye opening experience for the boys from the suburbs from Cleveland.

From their we left Brooklyn and headed back to Midtown to catch a ferry and jump in the car to head up to Boston, singing 90s pop hits the entire way.

Matt’s Take:

Today reminded me just how much potential our YXU community has. One year after opening we were able to represent ourselves in a meeting on Wall Street. Just down the road from the NYSE, the heart of American capitalism. If that's not progress I don't know what is.

Tres’ Take:

It was a great opportunity to volunteer at Los Sures today. While our Spanish was definitely a limiting factor, it was amazing to see some of the innovative things they are doing, from hydroponics to a chicken coop in the heart of the city, to promote sustainability in the neighborhood!

Tyler’s Take:

The best part of the day was watching Matt try to get his 15 minutes of fame on the Today show with Hota.

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