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Mentor Monday: Melissa Creamer

Posted on 10 July 2017


I grew-up in Solon. I think it's truly a honor to be back here as a teacher. My teachers and experiences at Solon High School inspired me to become a teacher. I teach in the same classroom that once belonged to the teacher that inspired me. She inspired my love of learning, travel, and Spanish because she was so passionate about the language and shared her passion for Spanish with us. She didn't teach us the grammar. She showed us pictures, she shared her travel experiences, and she shared the culture with us through her stories. She was tough and had high standards, but I was willing to do the work for her. She also encourage us to get out there and explore the world. I did and I'm thankful for that everyday.

I am now co-president of a non-profit organization that provides volunteer opportunities for high school and college students. My co-president is my college Spanish professor.  He was another person that encouraged me to continue my travels in college.  Together with several other community members we sponsor volunteer trips for local high school students that want to travel to Latin and South America.  We help to train these students to become global citizens ready to make a difference in small, rural towns in 3rd world countries.

At Solon high School I bring in speakers from this program along with SHS alumni that have volunteered with other programs and universities to help educate our students about the importance of knowing a second language and the opportunities that come along with being bilingual.  My hope is to inspire our students to continue with the world language studies and take advantage of the volunteer programs and study abroad opportunities that are available in high school and college.     

My greatest joy in teaching is giving students the skills needed to explore, understand the world better and be global citizens.  I love when I see former students and they tell me about their travels, volunteering their time in the U.S or other countries, and using their Spanish to help others. 

I think young people should become leaders because we need good role models for our children and young people.  I have always believed in the idea of "be the change you want to see in the world"  Be a leader, volunteer your time here and abroad, share your passion and you will encourage others all over the world to explore their passions too.     

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