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Mentoring Passion

Posted on 19 December 2018

Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. T.D. Jakes said, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your right passion will lead you right into your purpose.” The first tip I would give to someone trying to turn their passion into something tangible is to believe in yourself. You cannot take action until you believe in yourself to handle all of the different consequences of your decisions, good or bad. The next tip: patience. Whatever it is you are working on, it is not going to happen overnight, and there may be bumps in the road that need to be handled. You may have to redevelop your plan and change some aspects, which does not mean you should quit. Another tip I would give would be to network. This means meeting with people who have had a similar path as yours, as well as people who have started their own business or organization. Meeting with the right people can give you insights that you may not have known before. The biggest tip I can give is to not give up on your dreams!

It is true that other people’s actions can make a difference in your life.  To be in a position to help those in need and bring joy to someone’s life is worth it's weight in gold.  There is always something more that can be done, and I think that helped me to define what my passion was.

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