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More Than a Brand

Posted on 04 September 2018

What’s up YXU community!

It’s Tres checking in and I hope you guys are still following your passions! I am currently in my second month of medical school and I’m working on figuring out this whole “drinking water out of a firehouse thing”. Although this whirlwind of new information and experiences at times is overwhelming, my passion for medicine and the opportunities to positively impact others it provides continues to excite and inspire me. Labor day marked the one-year anniversary of our Leave Your Mark road trip where we spent time in New York, Boston, and DC. Our mission was to help combat hunger while immersing ourselves in the local communities volunteering in recovery networks, food banks, and homeless shelters. Along with volunteering we also spent time meeting with trailblazers advocating for change in accessibility to food for all people. To commemorate this amazing trip, I thought it was only right to spend some time last week volunteering at the Cleveland Food Bank. Joined by my girlfriend, some classmates, and a group from the Illuminating company we were able to package over 2,000 bagged lunches for kids heading back to school. This experience quickly brought me back to our time on the road and how we are continually striving to build a movement that transcends the brand.

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”

Yesterday, Nike embodied this idea of transcending their product/brand by releasing the new Colin Kaepernick ad. Whether you agree or disagree with Colin Kaepernick’s form of protest, you have to respect a person who believes in something and is willing to sacrifice their livelihood for the greater good of others. He has now committed his life to addressing social injustice and has already positively impacted so many people and most importantly the younger generation.  With Nike releasing this ad we are able to see a company that has expanded the term “Just Do It” from a sports-specific term to a term encompassing all passions.  I am looking forward to seeing how both Colin and Nike will continue to change the game and I know we at YXU hope to build a similar movement that takes “Leave Your Mark” beyond the confines of our physical product.

Have a great week YXU Community! Continue to LEAVE YOUR MARK

 -Tres Barksdale

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