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Not Just Happy To Be Here

Posted on 06 May 2018

Last week our team at YXU got some exciting news! We were accepted into SEA Change Columbus. SEA Change is a Social Enterprise Accelerator program pairing business professionals with socially-minded startups. This 14 week program that our team will participate in this summer will include mentoring and coaching from leaders of local businesses, and will culminate in a pitch event early next fall.

This is a huge milestone for our team and one that would not have been possible had it not been for the support, guidance, and encouragement we’ve received from this community. We’re in the game, and while we may not have a seat at the table yet, we finally got an invitation to dinner. We are thrilled to be at this moment in our journey, but we’re not just happy to be here.

Our greatest joy from building YXU has not come from our handful of successes, but instead in the countless connections we’ve made and the hard times that have forced us to demonstrate our commitment to ourselves and our purpose. We’ve found joy in rainy Ohio County fairs where we met other inspiring small businesses like our friends at Ohio Dynasty. We’ve found happiness at the Chipotle off of I-71 in Mansfield where “overnight shipping” took on a whole new meaning. We’ve found delight in the delicate process of sorting, packaging, and shipping t-shirts to friends, family, and strangers across the country. What we’ve learned in our brief 18 months of existence is this: you never spend more than the blink of an eye “here” or “there,” so you better love the people and process of getting there. Lucky for us, we’ve got plenty of love to go around, and we’re determined to share it with all of you.

The SEA Change program will be an outstanding opportunity for our team and business to grow as individuals and as an organization. We are so happy to be here, we just hope not to stay too long.

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