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Not What You Give, But Why You Give

Posted on 12 December 2016

We all know the phrase you get what you give. You give money, then get scholarships or sponsorships; you give food, then get consumption and cultivation; you give your time, then get production and progress. These are all tremendous things, yet we usually associate the benefits of giving with those who are receiving. The question still remains, then, what do you get from giving?

Many reason that before we can give we must get. They may indeed give earnestly, but foremost in their mind remain thoughts of "getting". Still more might say, "Well, after I get, then I will give." In this spirit, you can truly give to those around you.

Trueness in giving is the process of giving without the expectation of receiving. To give without motive, but instead for the purpose of spreading good and joy, is to give selflessly. To give selflessly, is to be in harmony with the true spirit of giving.

The phrase will always ring true, but not in the sense that most people interpret it. Some people interpret it as spending half of your time giving, then enjoy the other half of your time receiving. I've given plenty of money, so why haven't I received anything? What is misconstrued in this saying is that it does not refer to the material things you give, it instead refers the spirit in which you give them. When you give with your whole heart, with positive intentions, and without consideration as to what you might be receiving in return, you in fact receive much more than any material item can bring - in return you receive the same spirit of goodness in which you gave. This may not be an immediate return, and may not necessarily be reciprocated from the same place you gave (it often times isn't!), but it will surely be returned in the form of how others turn around and give to you.

You get what you give. When you give to people with an open heart, with no obligations attached, they, in turn, will give to you with an open heart unburdened by any obligations.

You get what you give. When you give graciously, others will see your sincerity and good spirit, and will return to you sincerity and good spirit.

You get what you give. When you give willingly and selflessly, you receive from others a willingness and selflessness in their dealings with you.


When you give with hidden motives, with the expectation of something in return, you will receive the same in kind. Why? Because you always get what you give!

It is not the act of giving that attracts good karma to your life; it is the spirit in which you give. This type of giving never fails to return to you, and it returns in abundance. So, getting back to our original question, what do you get from giving? When you give from the heart, you attract and receive all the goodness and joy and prosperity the Universe has to offer. Not a bad trade eh?

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