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Square One, Again

Posted on 19 December 2016

From day one, before we knew what we were going to done, let alone how we were going to do it, we started with why. What we landed on was this: YXU exists to build leaders and strengthen communities. Over the past few weeks and months we have made great strides in supporting this mission, but we have reached the point we always knew was coming where we’d have to go back to square one.

A few weeks ago we announced our first cause of the quarter winner, Capital City Youth Strength and Conditioning. Our community invested in under privileged youth in Columbus, Ohio through a program that offers them mentorship, discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

Columbus, Ohio is not the only community YXU has invested in recently. Throughout the past three months as a whole our YXU community has invested communities across the world. From hurricane relief efforts in Haiti in conjunction with Project Medishare for Haiti, to areas in need right here at home through our work with Team Rubicon, the YXU community invested $1200 collectively back into our communities over the past three months. And now we are back at zero.

We have partnered with two new community organizations for the latest edition of our Cause of the Quarter Program, and we are excited to go to bat for them over the next couple of months. Our partners this quarter are She Has a Name and Camp Kesem. She Has a Name is a Columbus, Ohio based group that advocates for and support victims of domestic abuse, connecting them to needed resources and offering job training. Camp Kesem is a national organization that offers kids with parents suffering from Cancer a summer camp experience they will never forget to help kids be kids during one of the most difficult periods of their childhood. You can learn more both of these causes and vote in our Cause of the Quarter program by visiting the “Causes” tab above.

We have done it once, and we’ll do it again, and again, and again for years to come. The work the YXU community is doing is impacting leaders and the communities they serve all over the world. We are proud of the success we have achieved together, and excited to be back a square one with you all again.


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