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What's With the Shirts?

Posted on 30 January 2017

Last Friday we spent the day sharing and expanding the YXU on campus at The Ohio State University. We connected with students, visitors and faculty, sharing the impact that our community has been making over the past few months and learning about the difference that these individuals were having all over central Ohio and beyond.

There was one group of visitors throughout the day though that truly left a lasting impact on me. When the morning was just getting started and we were hesitant and unsure of ourselves they were welcoming and interested in what we had to share, and when the day came to a close with a group of student protesters passing through the Union they were calm and professional. They are the men and women of The Ohio State University Police Department.

We talk a lot about leaving your mark, living for others, and being a catalyst for change, and these men and women embody that on a daily basis. Whether they are helping you or hunting you, nobody wakes up in the morning hoping to have a run in with the police. They get everyone on their worst days, and yet they still find the strength to go home to be fathers, mothers, husbands, wives and neighbors, before returning the next day to serve again.

Their job is thankless, but their impact is lasting. When you put others before yourself you have the opportunity to make waves of difference that will crash ashore for generations. Sometimes it’s as a simple as taking the time to ask the two over eager  kids with a boxes full of shirts, “What's with the shirts?”

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