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Summer Learnin' *Havin A Blast*

Posted on 26 August 2018

Well guys, the last time you heard from me in blog format you may not have even known it was me, and it was well before I was officially a part of the YXU family.  It’s now been about eight months since I’ve joined the team and wow has a lot happened in the last eight months.

Matt has been giving you all updates about our time with SEA Change, how YXU is doing, and a few other things.  I figured I’d drop in my two cents but from the perspective of the “new” guys and a few more things I’ve come to notice or realize in recent times.

People Are Always Willing to Care

Though I’ve always counted myself to be a fairly positive person, the last couple of years have definitely made me a bit more cynical.  Living in Los Angeles, traveling, reading the daily news all lead me to look at the world a bit more jaded. But the last few months have proven and renewed my hope in humanity.  During our time with SEA Change, we have had the chance to interact with so many fantastic people, each just as willing to support and encourage as the next. Building our YXU community has simply started with us asking for help and advice and wisdom and the people around us stepping up to fill in the gaps.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

I’m not entirely certain why but we, as human beings, are generally pretty bad at asking for help, and I mean that in the broadest sense possible.  When things are hard with school, with life, with our business, we generally turn inward to try and “handle” it or figure it out. I’m as big a culprit as anyone on this one but I’m here to let you know it's time to let it go.  As I said above, people are always willing to care, but people aren’t mind readers (as much as we wish they were). You have to ask for help, and more than just asking for help, you need to know what it is that you’re asking for.  Be honest with what you truly need and find the right person to ask. And as much as people care and want to help, don’t be upset if they can’t step up right now. Realizing that we all have lives and things going on is important too.

Almost Nothing Happens Overnight

I’m one of the most impatient people I know.  And I would argue that most go-getter/entrepreneurial types are the same, it’s why they are always moving at light speed.  We don’t want things to happen in five years, we want things to happen tomorrow. I tried rack my brain for one instance of something happening “over night” and I couldn’t, and that’s for the best.  All great things in life take time. They take conversations with yourself, with others, usually a large white board, and usually an even bigger eraser. We’ve spent 5 months just refining and honing in on who we are at YXU.  It was always there but it takes awhile to get to the “end point,” which isn’t even an end point but more of a rest stop.

This S#!+ is Not Easy

Saying that nothing happens overnight can’t be said without also being blunt and honest that none of what we are doing at YXU, or what any other person tackling their passions is doing, is easy.  This is not meant to scare or intimidate but to be honest and encouraging. We are still figuring out how to do what it is that we set out to do: empower the next generation of doers. There are days when we are tired and exhausted and feel defeated.  We bumped into one of our friends from SEA Change at a local Columbus event, and that day multiple of her competitors had released a feature that messed with her business. She looked at us when we asked how she was doing and said “I’m honestly not doing great.”  But we saw her the very next day with a renewed sense of fight and positivity. Following your passions is difficult, but it’s way more rewarding to fight for what matters to you than to fight for something that doesn’t.

We will continue to be honest and real about the fact that we are still figuring all of this out, that it’s difficult, and exhausting.  But we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so ride out this journey with us, and see if you can find an answer to the question: Why Not You?  We still haven’t.

-Ryan Shaw

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