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The Golden Rule

Posted on 17 October 2016


I was introduced to the Golden Rule in kindergarten, and at 22 I still struggle to consistently demonstrate it in my own life. Treat others how you would like to be treated, it seems like such a simple concept, but all too often gets muddled by greed, jealousy, and ego. That is why on the rare occasion that you come across someone that not only treats people how how they themselves would like to be treated, but goes the extra mile to put others above themselves, you take note.

Mike came into my life in middle school, but it wasn’t until we reunited again in college that he showed me servant leadership in action. His smile is infectious and his laugh is unmistakable. In a room of friends and strangers alike he is always the first one to laugh at himself and reach out a warm welcome to a new face. As I leave the comfort and convenience of my college years I am beginning to recognize the commitment and leadership needed to overcome the challenges associated with maintaining and building relationships after leaving the nest egg.

Mike’e commitment to others and natural willingness to put other’s well being above his own serves as a living reminder of the need to check your ego at the door. He has taught me the importance of just being there for others, because at the end of the day what we all need more of in our lives are present and engaged people. Being a leader doesn’t mean telling others what to do, sometimes it's as simple listening to what they are doing.

So show up, smile and be present in the lives of those around you. A little more we and a little less me can go a long way.


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