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Top 3 Lessons Not Taught in a Textbook

Posted on 21 July 2017

This month $2 from every item sold will be donated to the Solon Academic Boosters to support students and teachers throughout the district. As proud Solon alumni we put together our list of the Top 3 Lessons not taught in a Textbook that we took away from our time at Solon.

    The world is a big, diverse place, and we should embrace that

      • The best thing about the classrooms in Solon, is that they are filled with students from various ethic and socioeconomic backgrounds. This melting pot atmosphere showed me from an early age that the world is full of many different types of people, but that these differences should be embraced, not feared.

    It takes a village

      • The Solon School district has a strong reputation throughout the state and country for its academic and athletic accolades. This success is built on the commitment, talent, and selflessness of hundreds of employees who never get the headlines they deserve. I can’t forget the images of Dave “Coach” Pelig pacing the sideline and working the press box for nearly every event that Solon’s Stewart Field hosted, or the night janitors who rode bikes through the hallways to make sure the school was clean and safe the next morning.

    There are no limits to what you can achieve

      • The most impactful lesson I walked away from the Solon Schools with was that there is no dream too big as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to master your craft. Growing up I had people in front of me who went on to compete and study at the highest levels in college, and then continue to excel in the later chapters of their lives. This pedigree is passed down over the years, and just as I was driven to surpass the bar set for me by older students, I hope that my actions spark the same fire in future Solon Students.

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