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Total Community Investments: $6,226

WANTED: Community Builders

Posted on 19 March 2017

Company Background: YXU is a company on a mission to build leaders and strengthen communities. They achieve this through a combination of their actions and their assets. Since launching in 2016 they have invested over $1800 to various causes through their Cause of the Quarter and Leader of the Month initiatives, in addition to volunteering their time to at various community functions.

Description of Role: A YXU community builder is responsible for a daily commitment to living for others. In this role you will serve as a catalyst for change by taking small actions that will have a big impact on your community. These actions include, but are not limited to: mentoring others, volunteering in your community, respecting everyone, and pursuing your passions. Desired time commitments are demanding... 24/7/365, this is a lifestyle. Compensation in the form of legacy: this is your chance to leave your mark.


  • Passion for helping others
  • Desire to do well while doing good
  • Minimum 1-2 years experience overcoming adversity
  • Demonstrated ability to challenge the status quo


All interested parties should apply by submitting ideas for community causes, pictures of your work in the community, or what motivates you to leave your mark by emailing, tagging @yxulife on Twitter/Instagram, or YXU on Facebook.

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