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We Got Next: Gage Corns

Posted on 26 June 2017


My name is Gage Corns.

I’m a certified personal trainer and the proud owner and operator of enGAGEd Fitness.

Some of my passions include fitness, health and wellness, lifting weights, eating, living the dream, destroying broscience, and squatting. (Just some of the basics for ya’.) 

I’m not the biggest guy in the gym. I’m usually not even in the top 25%. Nor am I the strongest guy, I’m 5’6” cut me some slack. I don’t do the most exciting exercises. Nor do I draw a lot of attention to myself when I train. 

One thing I am, however, is extremely passionate about what I do, what I believe in, and what I love. I believe in using my platforms to educate instead of just receiving praise or affirmation. I don’t need strangers on the Internet to stroke my ego. If I were that desperate for some positive remarks I would call my mom. 

One of my biggest motivators is the opportunity I have to help, inspire, and educate people. I practice what I preach, and I don’t give out advice if I haven’t researched it myself. I’m not a salesman. I’m just a guy that’s really passionate about helping people. 

Honestly, I commonly go against the grain with my advice. It usually contradicts what you read on the cover of health and fitness magazines, or what a buff guy at the gym would tell you. The main reason is because all of that information is outdated science, broscience, or not backed by science whatsoever. 

So that’s my goal, to educate and positively affect as many people as I can. 

One of the biggest problems in society right now is related to health. I’m talking about the obesity “epidemic” and the rise of other diseases that go right along with it. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics, more than one third (36.5%) of U.S. adults have obesity. Obesity related diseases (Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancers) are among some of the leading causes of pre-mature deaths in the U.S. 

I’m aware that I’m not singlehandedly going to make a dent in lowering that percentage, but I can do my small part (in my community) to help as many people as possible. If I change one life with the information I present, I’m happy. If that one person goes on to help another person, great. If that person’s person helps someone, awesome! And so on. 

Before I started chasing this dream, I struggled with the thought of “How am I going to make a difference?” I didn’t know what I wanted to be. (Honestly, I’m still trying to figure it out.) 

Then I started seeing other people, similar to me, that were making huge differences with people. Average Joe’s were going from “fat to fit” from “dad bod to dat bod” and from being a skinny guy to a guy in great shape. Ex-athletes were opening sport complexes and training young athletes. People were getting off the couch, getting in shape, getting a PT certification and making a difference with other people.

So I asked myself, “Why not me?” 

I answered myself with the thought that I can do that. I can make a difference. I can help people. I could change lives! With just that thought, I inspired myself.

When college backfired on me, I was struggling to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to obtain a Personal Trainer certification and start helping people.

Since most of my engagement is online via emailing, Facebook, and Instagram, a lot of my success is based on how many people see my content. While it can be very discouraging at times with not getting a lot of engagement or my things getting skipped over, what keeps me going is the moment when someone reaches out to me and tells me I have inspired them.

That’s what it’s about.

I don’t care if my pictures get 100+ likes. I would much rather read a comment saying something like “Gage, because of you I started going for a longer walk at night!” Or “I started drinking more water because of your recent post! Thanks, Gage!” Or one of my personal favorites, “I started to squat again because of how much you preach about squatting!”

So my advice to anyone trying to make a difference is the Nike slogan. Wait… what?

Just do it!!

Post more motivational pictures and quotes, reach out to someone you think could use a pick me up, do small random acts of kindness.

Ask yourself, “Why not me?” Let it process. Really figure it out. Then, pursue it.

I’m doing my small part to inspire and lead. Care to join me?

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