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We Got Next: Harry Reu

Posted on 06 June 2017

Imagine that really skinny kid from school you haven’t seen in 5 years that gets jacked….take away the jacked part and you got me. My name is Harry Reu and I like to workout. I am recent grad from Miami University with a B.S. in kinesiology and a minor in nutrition. I am further continuing my education to become a physical therapy assistant. With my background its safe to say that I enjoy learning about the body and how to help others keep their body healthy and make them strong. Throughout my school career I’ve heard the issues of childhood obesity as well as disease with later onsets such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease more than I would have liked to. I’ve also spent a lot of time working in nursing homes and have seen the repercussions an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to. These issues, as well as simply just wanting to change my own personal physique have pushed me to pursue health and fitness and also promote it to others. Essentially I try to encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper nutrition, as well as encourage being happy with your own body and helping people to get to where they want to be. I’ve been doing this through providing personalized workout/nutrition plans and promoting health and motivational messages on social media.

People find inspiration from people they look up to and I am no different. There are numerous people in the fitness industry that I look up to and have learned from, but my biggest inspiration has been my dad. He is the prime example of what living a healthy life can culminate to. I won’t say his age, but you would never guess it by the fact that he’s out and about lifting weights and playing racquetball almost everyday. He has instilled in me the importance of being healthy, as well as having determination and a passion in whatever I do.

When asked how I am trying to “Leave Your Mark” I would say that I encourage others to find something they can be passionate about. I got lucky that the thing I am passionate about is also a key part of a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s not all about just working out. I believe finding a hobby or passion is a key component of living a happy and fulfilling life. A lot of the things I post stems from trying to push people to make time for the things they like to do and to stop making excuses to pursue them. Often times, those hobbies and passions are the only thing people can look forward to after a long day of work or simply just an escape from everyday life. Sometimes if you’re lucky enough, those passions and hobbies can become your fulltime job and you can end up doing what you actually enjoy for a living. At the very least, you may find others who share the same hobbies as you, which may open up doors to new networks and new friends.

I am very grateful to be in a position where people come to me for help and advice. Fitness for me is not going to be my full-time job, but I get the joy of being able to help friends and strangers reach goals and that is one of the most satisfying feelings. If you’ve ever seen a transformation picture, you can imagine how rewarding it feels knowing you took part in that change. Everyone is capable of finding a craft, investing time into it, and then teaching others about it. Those people you teach can make small differences, and those small differences can quickly add up. If something as simple as teaching someone how to workout may spark a passion in someone and promote a better lifestyle, then think about how many other things there are in the world that can cause this domino effect.

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