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Winter Inspiration+Motivation

Posted on 14 February 2019

It’s mid-February, and if you’re living in the Midwest then you have recently been dealing with the 2019 Polar Vortex (fun to say, less fun to experience).  Needless to say, wherever you are in the Northern hemisphere, it’s winter.

Snow can be beautiful, and lead to a lot of fun like skiing, or sledding, or maybe (if you’re lucky), a snow day.  But winter can also feel a bit dreary and bleak.  It’s really alright to feel this way, it’s natural and most people experience it. 

It’s also been 44 days since the new year, which hopefully means 44 days of you slowly-but-surely crushing your new years goals//resolutions.  If you can keep it going for another 22, whatever it is, studies say it takes 66 days to turn something into a habit.  Now look at you go!

All of this to say, we over here at YXU have been needing some inspiration and motivation and thought it might be great to share some of it with everyone else.  So check out the list below for what we are watching, reading, listening, absorbing, etc to keep us on track for 2019 and pull us through to Spring time (may she arrive sooner rather than later).

Here we go:

The MindStrong Project Podcast

Where to find it: available on iTunes or online at

Who’s Listening:  Matt Pekarek

This podcast, co-founded by two former D-1 college athletes, is about building a platform of sustainability and confidence through the discovery of PURPOSE, the strength of STANDARDS, the creation of SYSTEMS, and the clarity of VISION (this is straight from their website).  These guys are all about different ways of thinking and helping you find the tools in your own life to live it to the fullest each day.  You know it’s good stuff if Matt’s listening.

University of Utah Commencement Speech 2018

Where to find it:  YouTube

Who’s Watching: Ryan Shaw

Ben Nemtin is one of the creators of the Buried Life, an MTV show that ended far too soon if you ask me, a show about a couple of guys trying to knock out their bucket lists and help a few people along the way.  My best friend sent me this video a little while back and had me near tears watching.  Ben offers a beautiful and inspiring perspective on life and how to tackle it.  It’s a little long but beyond worth the time.

The School of Greatness Podcast

Where to find it:  available on iTunes or Spotify

Who’s Listening to it: Tres Barksdale

Lewis Howes is an Ohio-Native so that naturally gives him a few extra bonus points but in addition, he also has great perspective, and possibly even better guests, on a great many topics.  Whether you’re just trying to build up your family or become an entrepreneur, Lewis has something to offer everyone.

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Who’s Reading it:  Ryan Shaw

This book was created out of the somewhat ad-hoc course that Peter Thiel taught a few years ago, and if not for a dedicated student taking notes, it may never exist.  Whether you agree with him on his world//political views or not, it’s hard to argue with his success.  Peter talks about his views on how the world grows and progresses.  He differentiates between globalization and innovation and explains what exactly it means to go from 0 to 1.

This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women

Who’s Reading It:  Matt Pekarek

If you said the letters NPR to me a few years ago, I would’ve jumped onto Urban Dictionary to see what slang you were slinging (okay, not really but NPR was a bit of a foreign platform).  This book is based on the NPR series of the same name and is a collections of essays completing the sentence of title “This I Believe.”  People ranging from Colin Powell and Bill Gates to anonymous strangers.  Everyone offers their own unique and individual perspective, and there is something to be gleamed from every page.

Creating the Game Podcast

Where to find it:  available on iTunes

Justyn is a student at Ohio State University and having talked to him in person a few times, his passion for life is infectious, and I still don’t believe he’s a college student and not a seasoned professional life coach.  On his podcast, Justyn talks to different people about how they’ve paved their own way, found their passion, and made it work for them.  His guests aren’t mega-business celebs, though all successful in their own right, and so everything feels more conversational and relatable.

Have something you think should be added to this list?  Shoot us an email at and tell us what it is and why it should get added.  And we hope this list makes the cold months a little less so for you.

Ryan Shaw

Creative Director

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