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YXU Life

Posted on 18 April 2018

YXU is a community of people that are actively pursuing their passions in order to build their best selves. Because we believe that when you build your best self, you can bring your best self to support the people and projects you care about most. This is the YXU life.

  1. Begin each day in the moment. No amount of worry can put off tomorrow, no amount of regret can change the past.
  2. Time is the ultimate currency. Money isn’t real, people are.
  3. Carry yourself with supreme confidence and ultimate humility. You can achieve anything you want to, only because of a long list of people who support you, but that doesn’t make you better than anyone, and that’s okay.
  4. Never forget where you come from, but always keep an eye out for where you’re headed.
  5. Leave your mark in a positive way on the people you meet.
  6. Run to the roar.
  7. Spread positivity.
  8. Build others up, don’t waste time tearing other down.
  9. They’re your dreams, nobody is going to create them for you.
  10. Why not you?

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