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The best ideas aren’t always the ones that fly by like shooting stars, burning bright in an instant and fading as time goes on. Sometimes the best ideas come from a fire lit deep within your soul, one that is slowly fed and nurtured by the world around you until it can no longer be contained. It’s safe to say this is how YXU came to be. A passion to inspire and leave an impact on the world, no matter how big or small, was the spark that started it all. The flame grew slowly as we saw both ends of a wide, and somewhat disheartening, spectrum: a group of people without the support to take on their passions and a group of people leading their lives to the fullest everyday.

A few years later, separated by college dreams and reunited again by a city, a team, and an unbelievable athlete from Akron, the question that had been on our hearts since that first spark came blaring to the surface: why weren’t we out bringing those people face to face with their own passions? Why not us? Why not them? Why not you?

And in that moment YXU was brought into existence.

It’s two years later and though the world has changed, and we’ve added hundreds of new faces to our community, the meaning of YXU has always been there. Empowering every individual to follow their passion, for whatever it is, building a community with the leaders and game-changers of today and tomorrow, and forever asking people the question:

Why Not You?

Welcome to our family.

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